Amy and Chris with baby Elke on her Naming Day, Quarry Gardens, Shrewsbury , June 2017

Naming and Welcoming ceremonies are truly special, individual and joyous events – a non-religious alternative to a christening or baptism. They are happy, personal and relaxed occasions, and provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new member to his/her family and community of friends. Generally naming ceremonies take place within the first couple of years of a baby’s arrival into the world – often as part of a birthday celebration, or another family event. But they can take place whenever  you wish, and in the location of your choice – at home, in the park, the garden, a village hall.  Its your choice, and its my job to make it happen.

There is no set script for a naming ceremony, it’s too personal an occasion for that. Instead, every naming is tailored to meet the particular family’s requirements.

A typical naming ceremony may include readings or poems, promises on the part of parents and “guideparents “, and perhaps a symbolic action such as planting a tree.

Above all, Naming Ceremonies are very happy occasions. Do get in touch if you are planning a Naming Day !