About David Pack

Humanist celebrant, David Pack

David Pack

I live near Plymouth, just over the border in Cornwall, where I have been for a couple of years.  Before that I was in Devon for five years, although I lived and worked until early 2009 in Cambridge.   In the course of my working life I have had a variety of jobs and most recently have worked as a freelance trainer.  This has helped me develop the confidence to stand up in front of a group of people and lead them through a ceremony at a critical time of their lives.

I discovered the British Humanist Association in 1993 and was delighted to find an organisation which could represent those who had no religion.  Soon after I learnt about humanist ceremonies which seemed a way of practising humanism in a way that could make a contribution to society.  This led me to explore the possibility of joining the network and as a result I have been a humanist celebrant for fifteen years.

I am very proud of being part of a professionally run network of celebrants which aims to provide good quality ceremonies.  I am always aware of the responsibility involved in leading a ceremony and the importance of meeting each person’s or couple’s wishes.  It is a great privilege to be allowed into people’s lives at these important moments, whether it is a funeral, a wedding or a naming.  It is an honour to be trusted to lead a commemoration of someone by their close family and help them take a step along the path of bereavement; it is very moving when couples talk to you about their deep feelings for each other and rely on you to express this in a sensitive manner at their wedding; it is a joy to see parents committed to bringing up their children as open-minded and tolerant individuals.

You are welcome to contact me if you wish to discuss any aspect of the ceremony you are interested in; I am happy to work anywhere in Devon or Cornwall.