Maggie Pepin: To Honour A Life


Maggie Pepin

As human beings we’re all different and we all believe different things… but one thing we can all believe is that every life is special; every person matters.  So a funeral ceremony must be proper and appropriate, both for the person who has died and for those who have loved them.

The death of someone close to us is really an intensely private affair.  And yet it is at this very time, when we feel at our least rational and capable, that we have to create exactly the right farewell; because this will be our only chance to do so.

Whatever the circumstances, a Humanist ceremony can provide just that and I can help you to design a unique and fitting tribute.  It won’t include anything you don’t want and it can be as grand or simple as you wish.

To do this, I’m always prepared to visit you at home at a time convenient to you and that includes evenings and weekends.  I cover all BH postcodes and regularly perform ceremonies at Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton crematoria as well as woodland burials.  I am also happy  to be contacted to help you make an informed choice for the future or just to answer questions.

‘Just wanted to thank you for conducting the ceremony. It really did Dad justice and everyone said that it was very moving and in tune with his own beliefs and values.  I’m glad we met you!’