About Marge Rose

Marge Rose

I live in a little hamlet near Buxton in Derbyshire with my husband and our three rescue hens.  I first became interested in humanism after reading The God Delusion several years ago but it was the experience of attending my father’s Church of Scotland funeral in 2002 that first gave me the idea of conducting non-religious funerals myself.

After retiring from my job as a hospital physicist in 2009, I trained with the BHA and have been conducting non-religious funerals for about six years.  I find meeting bereaved families and helping them to put together a ceremony that really means something to them, to be enormously satisfying and they seem to appreciate it:

“…we thought you did a brilliant job. You really captured the spirit of my dad and responded to everything we wanted for the service…”

I’ve retained my original Edinburgh accent and drive a battered old Land Rover Defender.