Testimonials – funerals

Many, many thanks for yesterday. It was such a wonderful funeral and I know that Mum would have approved; all her neighbours came up to me to say that this is the way they want to go! Your attention to detail and presentation were so good; it was exactly the right length, and the content you put together and presented was perfect.  All that, coupled with the tributes from family and friends, made it a memorable occasion. I am so glad we met and you were able to act as the celebrant. Thank you again Pat.

Thank you so much for your email with the presentation. I don’t know how we can ever thank you enough for all your help, guidance and support through what has been a really emotional time.  For me personally during the ceremony you were just the support I needed.  When I looked across at you, it was like looking at a friend who was there to give me the courage to be able to say my piece.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lots of people who had never experienced that type of ceremony were full of praise even down to a few saying that it was exactly what they would want. Mum would have loved all the lovely stories and memories and the fact that so many people were there to say their goodbyes.Once again thank you for everything.

lLATE JULY 002Many thanks again and I really wish you well in the future as you have a gift.

I just wanted to say thank you  – I am sure my father would have been content with his committal.

We are all home now and talking about how lovely the committal and service were. We are all so grateful for your help and hard work over the last 10 days. Many, many thanks.

I was (as anyone would expect) overwhelmed on Monday by so many emotions and did not have the strength to express my thanks. Your contribution meant so much to all of us and I wanted you to know how much I (and  my children) appreciated your support to the celebration of a very special “gentleman”.


So many people want to celebrate the life of the person who has died. It’s interesting how many things we discover at funerals, all the little stories that come to light. It’s like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together. You could say that when we die, we’re completed. So yes, if in the midst of mourning we’re sometimes moved to laugh and smile in surprise when we discover something new about someone we loved, we should be pleased and happy. It’s wonderful to be able to share these memories with each other. It brings us closer together when we do this. Here is a comment I received recently. The writer did indeed bring something very special to the funeral of her grandmother, as did other family members:

The service you did for my Aunty was wonderful… everyone was commenting on how well you captured her spirit in your reading. I am looking forward to hearing the reading about my Grandma – I have so many wonderful memories of her, and it will be really nice to hear what other people remember about her too.


And there’s always room for humour:

I just wanted to let you know that so many people have commented on how good the service was, and how personal you made it feel. My brother even told my mum that he would like you for his funeral, although we hope that won’t be for a long while yet as he is only 36!

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the service you gave yesterday. My sisters and I think that you reached to the heart of our mum and summarized what she meant to us and the extended family. It was as if you had known her personally, so well did you recount her life and what her family meant to her. The ceremony was very moving. It helped us to cope with a very difficult occasion.
We were very happy with the service and the way you told everyone about G─ as well as the time you spent with us just before the service helping to settle and re-assure us. I was also so pleased for the grandchildren to take part in the service. I’m sure knowing you were there to support them was a great help.
We would just like to say how much EVERYONE appreciated your service, a first-time ‘Humanist’ service for any of us. Your interpretation of the stories relayed to you were as if you had grown up with us, that you knew all about them, almost that they were your memories.  It was the service we’d hoped for, a celebration…Some sadness and regret but mostly joy and fond memories that will linger with us.
Thank you so much for Dad’s send off, he would have absolutely LOVED it. Everything was perfect. I will definitely be recommending you and your colleagues again. You made our day. Take care.

I didn’t get a chance to thank you on Thursday for making the service so special. We all recognised the G─ we knew from your words, you achieved just the right balance of all the things she was to different people.  Your words on beliefs, grief and love gave support and comfort at a very difficult time. My memories of the service will be that it was a very calm and beautiful celebration of her life, which is very fitting for the person she was. Thank you so much for making it that.

My dad would like to express his sincere thanks for such a beautiful service that you gave yesterday for P.  Everything was just how we had hoped… The hard work starts now to start another chapter in Dad’s life, which with the help from my brothers and myself will hopefully be OK. Our family have all decided that we will definitely have a humanist funeral – very uplifting and a celebration of life.  I’m sure Dad’s neighbours thought there was a wedding going on as we all gathered outside in our colourful clothes. They had a shock when the hearse came round the corner.  Little things like that make you smile. Our close family on our side came back to my house where we raised our glass to P on a beautiful sunny day. We continued with some hilarious shenanigans to the point of tears and belly hugging laughs.  We will always be talking about…the day of P’s funeral.


Stepping outside we felt closure without melancholy and as a family, we felt united and uplifted.  Thank you for helping to bring this about. 

My sister and I benefited enormously from the quiet and calm way you led us through both the run-up to the funeral and the actual funeral. Everyone said it was a very dignified occasion.