The following are just some of the comments that Ailsa has received.


“Ailsa was marvelous both in her dealings with the family prior to the service and in her handling of the day. I can’t praise her enough.”

“That was the best address I have heard in a long time.”

“You were extremely kind, patient and professional”

“… thank you for an excellent and very sensitive service….”

“a much lighter and happier occasion, truly a celebration of her life. It was just perfect, everyone enjoyed it and there were lots of comments afterwards and all agreed it was how they will remember her.”

“Everyone thought it a wonderful, personal event and were very touched. Your reading of the Countryside Poem was just beautiful.”

” ‘Auntie’ would have loved to be here”

“It was so good to hear so much about ‘Auntie’ ”

“I’m going to book her for mine.”

“I’m religious but I loved the words you used, it was lovely.”

“I’m a Catholic but what you said really made me think.”


That was:  “tremendous”    “nicely done”    “lovely”    “perfect”