About Alan Kitchener

My name is Alan and I am a retired Police Officer.

Humanist funerals are a celebration of life, and I create personal funeral services to remember the special moments in the life of your loved one just the way that you want it.

We can celebrate the fun times you shared, their relationships with family and friends, their personality with all their unique likes and dislikes, and all those other important things that made your loved one who they were.

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Alan Kitchener

Whether you choose a service that is filled with songs, fun anecdotes and readings, or quiet reflection and poems, I will create a special memory for your final goodbye.

Creating the funeral service

As a non-religious celebration of life, your loved one’s funeral or memorial service can be made up of any words, songs and poems or readings you choose. And it can take place in a crematorium, a natural burial ground, one of the many local cemeteries or anywhere else you choose.

If you have an idea of what you would like included in the service, I will design the ceremony around this or, I am happy to make suggestions to suit your family and your loved one.

Here is an example outline for a service which would last around 20-30 minutes, which is the time allocated for services by most crematoria:

  • Welcome and introductory words about your loved one
  • Thoughts on life and death and remembering the person who has died
  • Poem or reading by a family member or friend
  • Tribute to your loved one describing their life, character and passions
  • Quiet reflection for personal goodbyes accompanied by music
  • Poem or reading by a family member or friend
  • Saying your final farewell with the Committal
  • Closing words