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Alex Collis

Welcome to my Humanists UK web page.

My name is Alex and I trained as a funeral celebrant in 2019.  I work mainly in Cambridge and the surrounding areas, although I do travel further afield across East Anglia on request!

I am currently finishing my training as a wedding celebrant too, and hope to be ready to conduct weddings early next year.

I was asked this week what made me want to become a funeral celebrant.  It’s very simple really – I love to tell stories. Being able to sit with someone’s family and friends, to hear all about their life – who they were, what they did with their time here and what impact they had on the people and places around them – and to help them celebrate that person is the biggest privilege of all.

Each ceremony I have conducted has been unique, special to the person who died, and has told their story.  I have learned something new from every single one, whether it’s been a cremation, a woodland burial or a memorial service.

Eight years ago my father died very suddenly and my sisters and I found ourselves arranging his funeral.  A bit lost as to what to do for the best, one thing we were sure of was that we wanted a non-religious funeral and one that reflected his personality – his love of music, his interests in science and art – even down to the terrible dad jokes.  We found a humanist celebrant, and knew straightaway that it was the right fit for us and for our dad. 

One of six sisters, I have lived in and around Cambridge for most of my life.  My background is in community work, particularly anti-poverty charities and I am currently running a community food hub in the city after volunteering as coordinator for a COVID emergency food programme .  I am also a member of Humanists UK Pastoral Support Network (think non-religious hospital and prison chaplaincy) and am currently part of the chaplaincy team at the Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge.

Please do get in touch if you would like to talk through how a humanist funeral works, or you would like me to conduct a funeral or memorial service for you.  You can also take a look at my personal celebrant web site, which has more information on the services I can provide as well as some useful links, including to my blog of Grief Stories.

What they say:

“From our first meeting with you, you took a load of stress off our shoulders. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for us.”

“It was perfect – exactly what Mum would have wanted. You really went above and beyond for us.”

“The other thing that I liked was the compassion you had for my mum, and how caring you were, asking if she would have company and be looked after.”

“I can’t believe you never met her. The way you talked about her, it was like you’d known her for years.”

We were very impressed and so grateful to you for the time you spent with us getting to know who he was. You truly reflected the wonderful kind and loving person that he was.  All those who attended, either by being there or watching on the webcast, have said it was one of the most moving and uplifting ceremonies they had been to.”