Pre-Planning Funeral Ceremonies

Preparing a Funeral Ceremony

Many people are looking at ways to prepare their own funeral ceremony. This often seems like an unusual and difficult thing to consider but it can be comforting,  practical and helpful for all concerned.

Death is sometimes expected but often a shock and, in most cases, there are very real challenges involved in arranging funerals. For loved ones to create a ceremony in just a few days, especially when experiencing a deep sense of grief and pain, can be so difficult. It seems sensible, where possible, to look at ways of preparing for the ceremony and offering some guidance so Humanists UK is keen to provide a service to help.

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Planning and Preparing

As an accredited celebrant, I am available to help people to plan their own funeral ceremonies. I have been privileged to be involved in this process on many occasions and it is has always been a positive, rewarding and satisfying experience. People who choose to do this want to be honest, realistic and helpful.

Many of the things listed below might seem strange to talk about but they are the sorts of decisions that can cause great anxiety for people. Offering some guidance can be a real comfort.

The things people often consider include:

Would you prefer to be buried or cremated? If it is burial, would it be a natural burial?

Where would you like the ceremony to be held?

If you are to be cremated, what would you like people to do with the ashes? Should they be buried in a particular place or scattered somewhere special?

Would you like to donate your organs or offer your body to medical research?

Do you have a preference regarding a funeral director?

Would you like any particular type of coffin?

And are there any clothes you would like to be dressed in?

Do you have any guidance as to the wording for a headstone?


Regarding the ceremony itself:

Is there music you would like played?

Are there any readings or poems you would like to share?

Is there a person or people you would to share tributes and reflections?

Could you leave a biography, an outline of people and events that were important to you, things you were proud of or enjoyed in life? A timeline of life can be helpful. And, sometimes, people even leave comments as to what they would like to share with the congregation

Donations – would you like there to be donations to support a particular charity?

Would you like people to gather in any particular place after the ceremony?


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