About Andy

My name is Andy Ison and I’m privileged to be a celebrant with Humanists UKaccredited to lead funerals, weddings and naming ceremonies, and to deleiver a range of other ceremonies as they arise. I am based in North Yorkshire and much of my work is there and in the cities of York, Leeds and Bradford.

I came to this role by a slightly unusual journey having been a religious minister in my twenties and thirties, but I long ago reached the point where I had no faith in a deity or church. Like many other people, I just wish I had accepted that a lot earlier in life. In 2001, I retrained as a secondary school teacher of history, and nowadays I work as a tutor and I teach Adult Education, which gives me the flexibility to act as a Humanist celebrant.

The loss of my religious faith turned out to be a very positive and liberating experience. Many of us have no faith and neither seek nor find support in religious institutions – but we still have so much to celebrate and share in life. We want to be truthful, generous and open about what matters to us, and we need ceremonies that allow us to celebrate those great moments of our lives, none more so than marriage. Under the umbrella of humanism we have the opportunity to gather and celebrate what matters to us in an honest, positive and open manner.

It would be my privilege to work alongside you to create the ceremony that you want and need, regardless of the circumstances. Ceremonies mark the most significant moments of our journey through life. To gather at these times, as family and friends, welcoming new people into our lives or saying goodbye to loved ones, celebrating love and commitment or recognising the importance of a change in life, these are deeply human things. We need ritual, we need time and space, we need to gather so as to connect, with ourselves and with others; we need life-giving and life-affirming ceremonies.

I would be delighted to work with you and for you, to create a ceremony that expresses all that you want to share and celebrate, whatever the circumstances.

To contact me:

Mobile – 07522 553491

Phone – 01423 541928

email – andy_ison@hotmail.com