You’ve decided that you want to get married or to renew your vows, and for your own reasons, you don’t want a religious service.  But you do want someone trained and accredited to make sure that everything goes well.  You also want more flexibility that civil ceremonies allow.  That’s why you need a Humanist celebrant like me.  We unashamedly offer the haute couture of ceremonies.

I will take care of you and your ceremony from first to last and guide you every step of the way to getting exactly the ceremony you want.  I understand that this is an ultraspecial day for you, possibly your dream day, and I am going to knock myself out to give you the perfect, personalised ceremony.  And, I also have a wide range of venue mishap contingency plans up my sleeve.

I am to make your day, and the whole planning process, gloriously special, but also relaxed, warm and, if at all possible, fun.  I will work with you to make it special and memorable.  And I always keep an eye open for dazzling instagram or family album moments.

My total charge is £500.  This includes everything and I will not be adding any hidden extras at any point.  If you live within the radius I cover on Find a Celebrant, travel is included.  If you are outside that zone, we will negotiate expenses separately.

For more about me and my style you can have a look at my instagram pages – search for AnnRippin, or my Pinterest board Non-religious weddings Bristol.

If you decide you would like to book me and work with me this is what will happen.

  • You get in touch and we check the date for availability.  Assuming that’s okay we go to the next stage
  • We meet for a free informal and non-committal meeting to discuss what you want in your ceremony and for me to explain how it can be structured.  I may well give you some homework to do to get you thinking about your vows and what other elements you would like to include in your ceremony.  At this point I also ask for a deposit of £200 to save the day.  I will save the date for two weeks.
  • We will meet again nearer the time of the ceremony and I will take more detailed information and we will start to finalise the script.
  • I will write the script and send it to you for your approval.  I will not do this until I have your deposit.
  • If at all possible we will have a rehearsal.  I cannot recommend this highly enough, but it may depend on your venue.  I will also expect the balance of the fee (£300) at least a week before the ceremony.
  • We will have your beautiful ceremony and I will also give you a presentation copy of your script as a momento.