About Blake Hutchings

Blake Hutchings is a Humanist Weddings, Namings and Funerals Celebrant who is dedicated to producing uniquely personal secular services. With public speaking and performance experience of around fifteen years, as well as a wealth of creative writing experience, Blake is committed to working closely with you in order to provide a personal and uplifting wedding ceremony, an exciting and fun naming ceremony, or a perfectly fitting funeral ceremony.

I have always been a Humanist at heart, long before I had ever heard the term used, and so being a part of Humanists UK is an honour of which I am very proud.

I am also very grateful to you for visiting my website. Thank you! I am very much of the opinion that life’s milestones deserve celebration and recognition, and together we can be a part of promoting a new way to do that in an increasingly secular world.

My work as a celebrant so far has been a huge privilege, and I have met many wonderful people and heard life stories that have been fascinating, inspirational, hilarious and deeply moving in equal measure. I work hard to take the information that you give me and create a service that can truly do justice to the importance of this event and to the lives of those involved.

In other areas of my life I am also a working musician, a hobbyist writer, an ambitious but terrible cook, and father to a beautiful and mischievous little girl and a very smiley baby boy.