About Caroline Lambie

Thank you so much for looking at my profile. I have been a humanist celebrant for nearly a decade. I live in North London on the Stroud Green/Crouch End border.

Being a Humanist celebrant is fulfilling work, and I have 10 years of experience of being a busy celebrant –I spend many years in Scotland conducting legal humanist weddings -I build relationships and work together with people that choose me to be their celebrant to create beautiful, real, individual, warm and meaningful weddings, naming ceremonies and funerals that reflect peoples’ personalities, lives and loves.

My website has just been obliterated by a virus and is being rebuilt ready for a shiny new relaunch soon – but in the meantime you can look at my Facebook page where people have left reviews so you can see how they have found working with me:

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Please contact me at info@humanistcaroline.com or 07901987992 if you would like to have a chat in more detail about how things work and the process when you book me for your humanist ceremony, but in the meantime see below for an outline of how I would work with you:

My approach to weddings

One of the happiest days of your life is your wedding day and with a humanist wedding we can help you to make your special day very personal to you both. As a great romantic it is a privilege to meet up with couples and hear how you met each other and the story of what brought you to the point where you want to commit yourselves to each other. I will guide you through the process. I will help you to choose the different elements of your ceremony such as poetry, music and of course your vows and exchanging of your rings. Then on your actual wedding day of course it is very enjoyable actually conducting the ceremony that brings you together in front of your chosen guests.

I usually meet with couples twice, (but don’t charge extra for the second meeting) the first meeting is to explain the process and to ensure you know what you want from your ceremony and the second meeting (or rehearsal if you like) is to run through how you will deliver your vows and how everything will run on the day. This meeting is also for us see each other face to face and reassure you that I am a friendly face that you are going to feel comfortable with on your big day.


What people have said about wedding ceremonies with me:

From the first time we met Caroline, we knew we were in safe hands. She is lovely and reassuring (just what’s required when you’re not sure what to do and when)!

She took the time to explain how the day would work along with what was expected and need from ourselves.

On the day she made us (and the guests) feel relaxed allowing the ceremony to be a celebration rather than a formality.

We can’t thank Caroline enough for marrying us…and agreeing to announce our Pregnancy

Thanks from Mr & Mrs Macleod (and baby Macleod)


“Caroline conducted our wedding ceremony and she did such a wonderful job!! She was a calming presence throughout the whole process and made us feel so much more relaxed during the planning and especially on the day! She helped make our ceremony so very lovely, we got so many compliments from family and friends on how special it was. We could not have asked for a better celebrant, I am so happy that Caroline married us.”


My approach to naming ceremonies

One of the most joyous events in life is a birth of a child, and a close second is a naming ceremony for a child.

It is a chance to bring together family and friends to welcome a little person into life.

I encourage siblings to get involved in the naming ceremonies, and double naming ceremonies are a good option to bring together two sets of children when parents get together with children from previous relationships.

Naming ceremonies are a great perk to being a celebrant, I like nothing better than doting on a baby!


What people have said about naming ceremonies with me:

“It meant the world to us having a Humanist ceremony as it was very personal for us and our families, as you’d came out and met us previously too it felt like someone who knew us spoke on our behalf.

The highlight for me was when you spoke to her directly, and welcoming her into the world as that’s what it was about, celebrating the arrival of our daughter.”

“We used Caroline to do our sons naming day. We have done two before with other celebrants and must say this was my favourite. Caroline understood from the get go what we wanted, and understood we wanted it light hearted and fun. She nailed it. We were absolutely delighted and I couldn’t recommend more. Thanks again”


My approach to funerals

A humanist funeral ceremony is a celebration of a person’s life, although it is a very sad time, we make the ceremony a joyful tribute of the deceased person.

In a warm and friendly way I meet up with the families of the loved one, which is an honour. I will then chat with them and ask them lots of questions about the person’s life and get them to recall happy times they remember with them. I will also ask about what the person was like and what they liked to do, so I can get a full picture of what made them tick. I then write a tribute to the person they loved.

Most families will already have music in mind for the funeral. I can give guidance. Three pieces are what is recommended. A sombre piece at the beginning, a quiet piece in the middle when people at the funeral will be reflecting on the person’s life, and it is good to have an upbeat piece at the end, something that sums up the deceased in a happy way. I will also recommend poetry that reflects the deceased’s personality or life.


What people have said about funerals with me:

“We would both like to thank you for the lovely ceremony you gave for mum, it was both honest and moving, and we both miss her deeply she is in our hearts and minds forever, and know now she is at peace.”


My background

My career previously was in publishing magazines and business coaching and consulting. I was the editor of the HSS membership magazine, Humanitie, for years I was on the management team of HSS and was involved in engaging with families in the HSS membership. I am happily married with two sons with a huge age gap between them one in his twenties and the other is an imaginative seven year old! My older son has severe special needs, so I understand family situations where people have been caring for a loved one.

Humanism means equality of all people in all areas of life. It means not judging people with your own values and accepting that people are different from each other.