About Humanism

If you’ve found this website, it’s likely that you are looking for a non-religious ceremony. This may be because you identify as a humanist, or simply that you feel that you want your ceremony to be about you and your life, without referring to any religious belief.

At Humanists UK, the word humanist is explained as having come to mean someone who:

  • trusts to the scientific method when it comes to understanding how the universe works and rejects the idea of the supernatural (and is therefore an atheist or agnostic).
  • makes their ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, and a concern for human beings and other sentient animals.
  • believes that, in the absence of an afterlife and any discernible purpose to the universe, human beings can act to give their own lives meaning by seeking happiness in this life and helping others to do the same.

A humanist ceremony is a chance to celebrate what it is to be human – the values we share, the support we give each other, our ability to connect and to be an important part of each others’ lives, our capacity to reason, our curiosity to learn and to be creative!

The value of a ceremony conducted by a humanist celebrant is that it truly places the person or couple involved at its very heart. Family and friends have commented on how ‘beautiful and touching‘ they felt a ceremony was, including guests who may have been nervous about what a non-religious ceremony would look like.