About Cath Sutherland

I decided I would like to conduct non-religious ceremonies because people who are not believers still want to mark the big events in their lives just like everyone else, but  often find it hard to think of a sincere and beautiful full way to do it. Humanist ceremonies do just that. They are not hostile to religion, they just celebrate or commemorate without religion coming into it.

The big life events like the arrival of a child, or marriage, or a death should be celebrated in a way that is genuine and meaningful to us. These are important events and we need to get them right.

I believe in religious tolerance and freedom of worship, and many of my friends believe in God, and worship regularly.  I make a point of welcoming people of all beliefs to ceremonies I conduct.

I have been a celebrant since 2005 and find it very rewarding.

For any type of ceremony I meet with the people who are holding it well before the event. For funerals there are often only a few days, but that is enough time to meet, and for me to then work on writing a script using the information and things I have learned in our meeting. I check bits of the script, or all of the script, with the family/friends/couple who are organising the event, and change it until they are happy with it.

If you like poetry or readings we can include some in the ceremony, but they are not compulsory! I also encourage other people to say a few words or to read something during the ceremony.

Each ceremony is different, depending on who it is for.

You are welcome to call me or email me to ask questions on a ‘no obligation’ basis, before deciding if you want to ask me to write and conduct a ceremony for you.



I will conduct ceremonies anywhere within reasonable travelling distance of Nottingham