Funeral Feedback

Sincere thanks to the families who have allowed me to share their feedback on this page


“This was a beautifully written ceremony … all-round excellent and the keepsake script you gave us was beautifully presented.  Thank you.

Your delivery of K’s funeral was so warm and dignified… you’re going to be an excellent funeral celebrant.”


“You created a superb ceremony. Beautifully written and perfectly fitting. The words flowed effortlessly and smoothly and our feelings were acknowledged in an intelligent and very sensitive way.

The inclusion of contingency plans in case J was unable to give her reading was very forward-thinking and greatly appreciated.

Your choices of quotes, readings and music were deeply moving, affecting and perfectly appropriate to S.

A really beautiful tribute.”


“You have a very nice way with words which brought a lightness and ease to a very difficult situation.

You managed to include the family members in the ceremony in such a lovely way, while still keeping the focus on S and it was lovely that you used the actual words we’d said during our meeting – it made it all so much more personal and we all felt properly included. 

There was definitely some angry people at the funeral!  You managed to acknowledge it and validate people’s feelings in a clever way – making it clear it was ok to feel the anger.  You also suggested that while the desire to find someone to blame was natural, in reality there was no-one to actually blame for what happened.  It was a sensitive way to deal with it and very settling for all of us who were concerned that people might lash out in their grief.  Thank you. “



“Thank you for J’s beautifully written funeral script; it was filled with warm, gentle humour and a comforting tone.  You conveyed calm and a sense of warm confidence and authority on the day and the tribute you wrote for her was bright and colourful with lots of lovely details. A really fitting tribute that respectfully reflected the character she was.”