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Where can we have our ceremony?
That is absolutely up to you. Whether it’s your garden, the beach, a stately home or a forest, humanist ceremonies happen at the location that is important to you. I have conducted ceremonies in the Barnes Wetland Centre, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, back gardens, an old chateau in Luxembourg, a city square, function rooms in pubs, Stoke Newington Town Hall, living rooms, Cannizaro House and the grounds of Chartwell.

Will you lead a same-sex wedding?
Gladly! Everyone should be able to marry the person they want in the way they want to. Couples who convert their Civil Partnerships to a Marriage often find they can’t have guests attend the conversion, so a Humanist Ceremony is a perfect way to celebrate your new status and marriage equality!

How much do Humanist ceremonies cost?
I cost each ceremony individually. In London my fee is typically £1,000 for a wedding, £300 for a naming and £200-£300 for a funeral. This includes all travel expenses, consultations, writing and preparation, advice on readings, promises, dedications, vows and words to say as you exchange rings, a Handfasting with ribbons to match your colour scheme, a commemorative certificate, rehearsals, a professionally-printed and bound copy of the ceremony script as well as an electronic copy you may circulate amongst friends and family, and, of course, conducting the ceremony on the day. All the scripts are personalised and unique to the ceremony.

Are Humanist weddings legally recognised in England as they are in Scotland?
The rings BWThe Government announced that the Law Commission would run an initial scoping exercise into marriage law in England and Wales, with specific attention paid to the decision over whether to give legal recognition to humanist weddings. The Commission reported in December 2015, saying that further work is needed. The BHA continues to campaign for legal recognition of humanist weddings and will keep me updated.

For now, arranging the legal paperwork with the register office is simple and inexpensive. Most couples regard their Humanist ceremony as the actual wedding. Bear in mind there is no need to exchange rings at the register office – you can save all your important moments for your Humanist ceremony. When a house is bought, people don’t remember exchanging contracts – they remember the day they move in!