A Personal Goodbye

Funerals are never the easiest occasions and my role is to make it the most fitting tribute to your loved one and comfort to those left behind. At the heart of my funeral ceremonies is the story of the person who has died and a tribute to the life they lived.

Humanist funerals offer a personal and unique ceremony that can be held anywhere from the crematorium or graveside, to a hall or significant location, which can be more pleasant and allows for a longer time to reflect on the person who has died.

Every funeral I conduct is unique and each offers a moment for reflection on the life to be celebrated as well as a full tribute. I will have a personal meeting in your home or other comfortable location, so that you can tell me about your loved one and I will work closely with you to help you choose the right readings, poems and music that are important to the mourners and to the person who has died.

I will then write you a script that will reflect the life of your loved one, and if you wish to say something during the ceremony I will incorporate that into the script, and include any other family members or friends who wish to contribute.

Having a choice about the words that are said is vitally important. That’s why you have the final say about the ceremony. After all, we only get one chance to say a proper farewell.

Do feel free to contact me directly on 07967 332181 or by email at:, alternatively you can specifically request me through your funeral director.


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