We here today stand together to represent the world you grace with your presence.
We welcome you, We smile on you, And we name you!

Baby Girl

The Perfect Welcome

Many parents want to mark the arrival of their new baby with a celebration.

A naming ceremony is more than giving the baby its name; it’s an opportunity to affirm your commitment to your child with family and friends around you.

Most families have some sort of party, with the Naming Ceremony at the heart of a memorable day.

You can also choose other adults to support your child. Some families have mentors, others have guide-parents or odd-parents, and others have godless or ungodly parents. It’s up to you.

I conducted the Naming of Elsie Greenway in July 2013 and this ceremony was used by the British Humanist Association to showcase Humanist Namings. You can see the film here: