Wedding Ceremonies

Love does not consist in gazing at each other,
but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A joyful Claire and Jose at their wedding

Your Wedding, Your Way

A humanist wedding or partnership is unique to every couple. I work closely with couples to ensure that the ceremony is relevant to their love and their lives and is as formal or informal as required.

It’s a privilege and a joy to enable a couple to celebrate their love with their families and other loved ones.

Handfasting close up
Words, music,vows & symbolic acts can originate from family & cultural traditions or from your imagination. I have conducted a wedding that included breaking the glass from the Jewish tradition and an informal wedding in a field, using lavender pot-pourri instead of confetti for a couple wanting to celebrate nature and reduce the carbon footprint of their wedding. I also offer handfastings as part of the ceremony, using long ribbons to match your colour scheme.


winter weddingThe ceremony can take place in a grand venue or in your home, on a beach or at a campsite. I have conducted weddings at Tower Bridge, in a couple’s garden, castles in Scotland and Belgium, restaurants and Town Halls.

In 2016 I conducted one wedding at London Zoo and one on a traditional double-decker London bus.

Humanist weddings and partnerships are not (yet!) legal in England and Wales, so if you want legal recognition of your marriage or partnership, you will need to plan for a simple register office ceremony as well. However, most couples who choose a humanist ceremony feel that it is this ceremony with their friends and family around them that is their “real” wedding.

More information about Humanist Ceremonies, and if you’re eagle-eyed, you can spot me assisting at a handfasting:

The Government has announced that the Law Commission has already begun an initial scoping exercise into marriage law in England and Wales, with specific attention paid to the decision over whether to give legal recognition to humanist weddings. The Commission reported in December 2015, saying that further work is needed. The BHA continues to campaign for legal recognition of humanist weddings and will keep me updated.