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Who am I?

My name is Beth and I live in Frome in Somerset and I conduct Humanist baby namings and weddings in the South West area.

What is my role as a celebrant?

In a nutshell, it is my hope that I can help create significant naming and wedding ceremonies that reflect your personal, non-religious outlook on life.

I travel around Somerset, Bristol, Bath and North Somerset meeting new clients and conducting Humanist naming and wedding ceremonies.

If you were to contact me, after an initial introduction over phone or email, I would suggest organising a meeting in person to understand how I can help create a unique and personal ceremony for you and your family.

I would then write a script based on our meeting and the information you have given me and conduct the ceremony on the day.

What is so special about a Humanist ceremony?

A Humanist ceremony can be held wherever you want it and with whatever content you choose: music personal to you, readings, significant words (vows/promises/commitments) and unique, creative symbolic gestures. The beauty of a Humanist ceremony is that, whilst there are suggestions of what can be included, the reality is that it can be anything you want.

Although Humanist wedding ceremonies are currently not legally recognised in England, Humanists UK continue to make progress to make them so.

At the end of your personal and unique non-religious ceremony you would also have a presentation copy of the script for you to treasure, re-read and reminisce for many years into the future.

What does Humanism mean to me?

As early as I remember I have lived by the belief that we have just the one life and I have felt no need for a God. Whilst this can sound quite bleak to some people, to me it has always encouraged me to live the best and happiest life I can, whilst also doing the best I can by other people.

By not believing in a God, or Gods, I see the natural world around me as a series of beautiful coincidences and I make sure I take the time to appreciate as many of these as possible.

I also believe that without religion, one should still have a way of celebrating the cornerstones in our lives in a meaningful and personal way to them. I am so honoured to be able to create Humanist ceremonies that do just that.

Why did I become a Humanist Celebrant?

I became aware of Humanism whilst living in London. I attended a Darwin Day celebratory evening in 2014 organised by the British Humanist Association (now known as Humanists UK). The anatomist, Professor Alice Roberts, spoke at the event delivering an engaging, informative and hilarious talk on the evolutionary development of a human, and the BHA choir sang ‘What a Wonderful World’.  I suddenly had a lovely realisation about where I was: in a large lecture hall surrounded by like-minded individuals. People that were there to celebrate the life of a man who helped change the way we understood our place in this ‘wonderful world’. I could only assume that they were rational, scientific thinkers, like myself, who most likely held no religious beliefs. By the end of that year I was a member of the BHA and also the BHA choir.

Disheartened by a hectic London life in which I found no time to think and pursue my hobbies, let alone reevaluate my career, I left and enjoyed 2 years living in the Inner and Outer Hebrides. It was there in Scotland that I looked in to Humanist-related careers and in particular, conducting non-religious ceremonies. This research, in addition to my experience in attending humanist weddings and funerals previously and some in depth conversations with Humanist Celebrants, confirmed my feelings that I should train. Since doing so, I have found that I am able to combine my Humanist beliefs, my love for meeting new people from all kinds of backgrounds, and the creative use of the English language to help contribute to a significant day for a family celebrating new life.

A bit about me…

I am originally from Wells but I left the area for University in 2004 and I only returned at the beginning of 2017. Since graduating from University in 2007, I have worked and volunteered in a variety of industries and places; Television Production in Bristol, Gardening and Permaculture Farming in Australia, Fashion Production in London and as a Single Malt Tour Guide on the Isle of Skye! I have always been drawn to jobs that see me using my hands, surrounded by creativity, meeting new people and using communication as a powerful tool.

When I’m not conducting Humanist ceremonies, I spend my time at my allotment, ‘crafting’, sketching and painting, watching films at the cinema, on long Somerset walks, swimming and collecting vinyl. Whilst I hope that one day I can conduct ceremonies full time, in the mean time I also manage a small independent craft beer shop in Frome.

I would describe myself as a warm, friendly and confident person. I love all things colourful and try and surround myself with things that make me happy: plants, pom poms, books, music and my cat, Bert.



Thank you for visiting my website. I hope to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions you have.