About Me

Am I the right celebrant for you?

As your ceremony is all about you as a couple you want a celebrant who can do your story justice, so finding one who “gets you” is very important!

I consider my most important job and my biggest achievement is being a mum.  Although it’s been frustrating, exhausting, joyful and everything in between, there is no greater parental reward than watching your children grow up and being proud of who they have become.

I love my friends and socialising and indeed we have been known to solve many issues, big and small, over a glass of wine or two.

I believe there is no world without music and have recently taken up lessons in the saxaphone.  My biggest and only stage might be the living room in front of my cat but I am content with that….for now anyway.

My partner and I love to travel and can usually be found planning our next big adventure.  Ask me about our tour round Europe,  10 countries and 5,000 miles in three weeks, or our even bigger one driving across America,  San Francisco to New York, including the famous Route 66!

my other passion is sewing and crafts.  I love dressmaking and one of my biggest hobbies is to make decorative wreaths for all occasions, Christmas, Halloween/Fall, Valentines Day.  Any spare time (which isn’t much!) is spent in the sewing room,  always some project on the go.

If I could use one saying to sum me up it would be from Winnie The Pooh…. “We never realised we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”