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Choose a humanist ceremony! Whether it is a civil partnership, wedding, a naming or a funeral, you will find it more satisfying, more personal and more joyful (yes even a funeral!) than the alternatives.

Whether you are non-religious or not, you can still choose a humanist ceremony to mark that important time

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Both  religious and non-religious people have human needs, particularly around the major events in life and death.   Some might call these ‘spiritual’ needs, but I see them as human – without any transcendental element.

Have a ceremony crafted to your needs and hopes!

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Guy Otten has performed humanist ceremonies in the Greater Manchester area since 2012. He is also a humanist chaplain and vice-chair of Greater Manchester Humanists.

He lives in Littleborough near Rochdale and also gives talks on humanism, humanist funerals and the origins of religion (see the pages dedicated to his public speaking). His most popular talk is called ‘Strictly Die Laughing’

Ask him to lead your Civil Partnership, Wedding or Naming.

Ask him to lead the funeral of your loved one. He is also happy to meet you to prepare your own funeral in advance!

And there are other occasions where a humanist celebrant can assist both for private people and on public occasions

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