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Thats Manchester 31st May 2015

Thats Manchester TV 31st May 2015

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I have given talks both to humanist groups and groups such as Skeptics in Pubs, Cafe Scientifique, the Booth Centre, U3As, Intervarsity Club, faith groups, ladies groups and Probus clubs, and I have been happy to engage in dialogue with religious groups including Muslim and Christian groups. I have appeared on local TV and radio stations from time to time.

Talks about Humanist Ceremonies

More people nowadays are asking for their ceremonies to be conducted without reference to religious belief. Humanist ceremonies are written specifically for the occasion and focus on the people involved and their celebration. For funerals the focus is on the life and memory of, and paying tribute to, the deceased. There is no prescribed ritual, so the ceremony can be flexible to incorporate elements such as music or poetry desired by those concerned.

The topic is of interest not only to those who are thinking what sort of ceremony they might like, but I have noted religious people also expressing curiosity. My style is respectful of those with religious beliefs, but I aim to make the talk entertaining too.  Although the subject is serious there is humour to be had!  And I use powerpoint where possible.

I am also happy to talk about other humanist ceremonies eg Namings, Weddings and Civil Partnerships and the legalisation of humanist weddings.

I am happy to give talk on humanism, and humanist ceremonies, on humanist chaplaincy, on Death (What an atheist can say about Death), and the Origins of Religion. I give a popular talk called ‘Strictly Die laughing’ which looks at death and funerals with some humour and describes humanist funerals.

Ring me  on 0779 304 7887.

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Thank you for your humorous and stimulating talk ‘Strictly Die Laughing. (A Probus club)