Civil Partnerships and Weddings

Welcome to your dream ceremony. You will be glad you have chosen a humanist one. They are the best!

Whether you want a marriage or a civil partnership, make it a memorable humanist occasion which is right for your beliefs,  that is personally right for you, where you want it: IMG_20160206_135115

Have an event and ‘happening’ that is unique and specially written for you. And wow your loved ones!

Ask me to fulfil your hopes and expectations and offer you ideas and choices. I will draft the initial ceremony after our first meeting. You then comment and improve it so we perfect it together. In the process you will choose the personal wording you want to use to exchange vows and rings and you may also choose some other symbolic actions.

You will have beautiful readings and music that are right for you. Then on the great day the occasion will be just right.

Whether you want wedding will be a grand affair with many attending or a small private civil partnership ceremony, whether young or old, straight or gay, conventional or alternative you will have a perfect experience on the big day.

Please call me to cask any questions about all this before you decide.

Call me on 0779 304 79887

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The picture shows a wedding on 6th February 2016

at the Whitworth Hall in Manchester University