Pre-planned funeral service

More and more people are choosing to consider and communicate their wishes regarding their own funeral, sometimes because they know they are near the end of their life, or sometimes simply because they want to put their affairs in order. Giving your loved ones some idea of what you would like to happen after you are gone can provide significant comfort when they come to make arrangements (see research by Full Circle Funerals). That may be as simple as expressing a preference for burial or cremation, but you may wish to make more comprehensive plans, or include a personal element from yourself in whatever ceremony takes place.

As a Humanists UK celebrant accredited in pre-planned funeral ceremonies, I can meet with you to discuss your wishes. Your preferences, any readings and potentially a draft script that has been agreed will all be stored securely, to be used when required. If I, for whatever reason, am unable to take the service, another member of the Humanists UK celebrant network will deliver the ceremony in accordance with the wishes you have expressed.

Please see here for further details, or contact me directly if you would like to discuss this further.