Coronavirus has changed the way we celebrate and hold ceremonies – for now at least.

It can be a confusing time to plan any event, with government guidance being updated regularly in an effort to control the virus.

One thing we have learned, however, is that small does not mean less. A small ceremony is no less meaningful. Some people have gone ahead and held namings and weddings since March, and by necessity, funerals have continued.

Namings and weddings

If you would like to go ahead with your celebration despite the restrictions on numbers and venues, please get in touch. We can look at the rules and consider venue options. Zoom, Facebook and other video platforms have become a common way to include more people – we can choreograph the ceremony to make it work for live stream guests as well as those physically present.


Funerals with fewer mourners are more intimate and can allow greater informality. Mourners may feel more able to experience what is happening, to ‘be in the moment’, than if they are conscious of lots of other people in the chapel or cemetery.

If you hoped to invite more people however, you do have some options, for instance:

  • keep the funeral small and plan a bigger celebration of your loved one’s life later on, when gatherings are allowed again
  • livestream the funeral
  • record the funeral and make it available to family and friends afterwards
  • find other ways to include family and friends. These might include using a memorial website, or site like Facebook, to share the text of the funeral and photos, poems etc – and a place where they can share their messages, memories and images. You could ask them to light a candle or play a particular piece of music as the funeral is taking place so you all know you are together in each other’s thoughts. And you could ask neighbours to come to their doors as the cortege passes, if you are having one.

Please get in touch if you would like to talk through how you can organise a ceremony that is as good as it can be, in this time of coronavirus.