Weddings, Civil Partnerships and Vow Renewal Ceremonies

It’s your day

It’s your day. The day you tell the world you choose this person to be your love and build your future with. A day to be happy and look to the future with joy and optimism. I will work with you to realise your vision for your wedding ceremony. Large or small, simple or grand, what matters is that it says everything you want to say.

Creating the best possible start

A humanist ceremony puts you in charge, meaning you choose what vows or commitments you make, where to hold the wedding and when. It’s starting how you mean to go on, setting course with your partner for a happy and fulfilling future.

Enjoy the wedding, knowing the detail has been taken care of

Imagine just being really happy at your wedding, enjoying the music and ambience, delighted that all the people you love are around you, and able to be in the moment. I will help you write your vows or commitments, choose symbols (eg exchange rings, drink from a loving cup, light candles) and give you as many ideas as you need to create the whole ceremony. I will turn it all into a script that includes every word and detail for your approval. And then on the day I will lead the ceremony and ensure it runs smoothly, allowing you and your guests to enjoy it all.

Handfasting at a wedding ceremony in West Sussex | Photo by Ellie Gillard

A humanist wedding can be anywhere, indoors or outdoors

Humanist weddings have taken place on beaches, in forests, at stately homes and down the local pub. They don’t have to be at a venue licensed for weddings unless you want to combine the legal and humanist elements, when a registrar would be present for part of the ceremony. Many couples choose to attend the register office on a separate day. (Interestingly, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, humanist marriages are legally recognised. Humanists UK is campaigning to bring England and Wales into line with them.)

Vow renewal ceremonies

Sometimes it is a wonderful thing to celebrate your love by reaffirming the vows you made when you got married. Couples have different reasons for second ceremonies: it may be that they got married at a time when there wasn’t the opportunity to do it how they would have liked. It may be that they have come through difficult times together and a celebration feels appropriate. They may just want to say thank you to each other. The liberating thing is that Vow Renewal ceremonies don’t come with the same expectations from family/friends/society, so you really can do it your way.

Maggie & Claire, Inn on the Lake, Kent

Get in touch

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“Thank you for superbly conducting the ceremony, we are so delighted that you were our celebrant. Everyone has been saying how special it was.”