Non-Religious Weddings – Herts, Beds and Bucks, home or abroad

Unique and personal ceremonies in the UK and abroad.

Congratulations!  You have decided to get married and now you are planning your dream day. 

Whatever that looks like, be it indoors, outdoors, simple, traditional, unconventional, fun, quirky or romantic, a non-religious Humanist wedding can be exactly the ceremony you want.

You won’t be constrained by a legal or a religious prescribed script. A Humanist wedding is personal and unique. There isn’t a ‘standard service’; your ceremony will be custom designed to suit you both. You decide on where the ceremony takes place, the vows and declarations you make, the music and readings you select and any symbolic acts that you choose.

What to expect at a Humanist wedding

The answer to that depends on you ! You may want a conventional wedding in a conventional venue, or you may want something a little – or much – more unusual! There will not be hymns or prayers, but otherwise it is entirely up to you.  If you need help to decide on elements of the ceremony I can give you guidance. There are so many lovely options you could include, such as hand-fasting (that’s where the expression ‘tying the knot’ comes from), and I can help you  choose elements that you feel comfortable with and reflect your personalities and your relationship.

What next ?

If you feel a Humanist wedding could be for you, call me and we will have a chat about it – without commitment. (07717 862517)

After that, if you think you want to know more we can meet and talk. You can tell me what you would like for your dream wedding celebration and we can begin to plan.  I will write a draft script, incorporating your initial choices of music, vows, readings and rituals, and we can liaise over email to make sure it is just what you want. We will have a rehearsal close to the date of your wedding day. It’s my job to ensure that the wedding ceremony is perfect – and your job to relax and enjoy the pleasure of making your commitment to each other in front of family and friends.

Following the ceremony , I will provide you with a keepsake of your special day – a beautifully presented script and a wedding certificate.


Your wedding, your way. My personalised approach sometimes means additional travelling or extra meetings and rehearsals, so fees start at £500  but they will vary.  I’m happy to travel in the UK and abroad but I will need to take account of any additional expenses incurred. I will always be fair and transparent about any expenses and agree them with you beforehand.

Finally I would like to thank my daughter and her husband for allowing me to publish pictures  of their Humanist wedding which took place in Spain in 2017.