What is a Humanist Wedding?


A Humanist wedding ceremony is a non-religious ceremony which can take place at any venue, inside or outdoors, wherever you choose.  It is not yet legal (except in Scotland) so couples need to carry out a registry office wedding as well but it is possible to choose a simple, less expensive version of this.  The good news is that the Humanist ceremony can take any form you wish!  The celebrant writes a ceremony that is unique and, if vows or promises are included, these can be traditional or entirely personal – or both.  Family and friends may be involved, especially perhaps in giving readings, and ceremonies might also include music, songs, and wedding rituals such as handfasting.

If you choose me to be your celebrant we will arrange to meet to develop your ideas for the ceremony, and to talk about yourselves so that I can tell your story.  I will then create a draft of your wedding ceremony script which you will see and comment on before the ceremony is finalised.

On the special day itself, I arrive about an hour before the ceremony starts and make sure everyone knows what to do!  I then read from your personal script to make sure the wedding is as you wish.  After the ceremony I very much enjoy meeting family and friends, and I then slip away and leave you all to enjoy the party!