About Jacqui Dickenson


Jacqui Dickenson

I offer ceremonies for people who wish to take a different route from the standard religious format.  Having no religious beliefs myself, I have often found traditional church ceremonies  meaningless and irrelevant, so I offer a personal, fulfilling, custom-written alternative.

I love people!  …….   and it is this passion that drives me to offer them a wonderful ceremony fitting for the occasion, whether it be a funeral, a burial or scattering of ashes, a celebration of somebody’s life; or a ceremony to welcome and name a baby or a child of any age. There are also ceremonies to celebrate all kinds of events – coming of age, anniversaries, even divorce!

I have worked with people all my life in a variety of fields, including for a major airline, running my own pub/catering business, recruitment, charity work etc.  I have dealt with extremely difficult situations – nothing fazes or shocks me, and I don’t pre-judge anybody. When my husband and I married in 1979 our only option was a Register Office, which was businesslike but hardly celebratory.  How I wish we could have had a Humanist ceremony as well!

I have been a humanist all my adult life, and a member of Humanists UK for many years, well before I thought of becoming a celebrant. My very simple philosophy on life is that it is the love of human beings for each other which forms the basis of our society, and I believe that everybody should be treated equally and with fairness. While my ceremonies will therefore be essentially non-religious, I am open to including perhaps a short prayer or hymn, maybe led by a family member if that was/is particularly important to those involved.

If my beliefs resonate with yours, I could be the right person to make your important day just perfect for you!  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any kind of ceremony.