Janet Lopacki

Photograph of Janet

I have been a Humanist UK Celebrant for five years now, and I have to say it is the most rewarding job (if you can call it that!) I have ever done. I get to meet lovely people, sometimes they are happy occasions and sometimes sad, but always they are ordinary people who have interesting and sometimes extraordinary lives, even though they don’t think they have a story to tell.

I realized I was a humanist after my husband died, 17 years ago.  He had a Humanist Ceremony, and it was so personal and fitting for him, it helped me, my children and his many friends, to come to terms with his death at just 42 years old.

I strongly believe that non-religious people have the right to celebrate and acknowledge major events in their lives without religion. Be that welcoming a new child into their lives, through birth or adoption, celebrating love, or recognizing through celebration, the life of a loved one that has died.

You don’t have to be Humanist to use our services, just a wish to celebrate a life in a non-religious way, is all that is needed, whichever celebration you have in mind. I will help guide you through it, I will always speak and usually meet with you, to discuss the type of ceremony you need, and I work with you to make the day as special and personal as possible.

So am I the right celebrant for you?

A little about me, I was married quite young (17), I worked in social services in Moss Side for many years before leaving to attend university as a mature student. Having got the studying bug in my mid-thirties, I went on to get both a BA(Hons) and an MA. After leaving university I firstly worked in adult education, until my husband became ill, at which point I took a couple of years out. After he died, I took a total change in direction to work in Town Centre Management, redundancy from this allowed me to follow my dream of becoming a Humanist UK Celebrant.

I have 2 grown up children and 5 grandchildren, 2 of whom live with me, along with their mum and dad, so if you do decide to phone, I apologize in advance for chaos in the background, although they do very quickly get banished to another room!

I am currently a ‘Schools Visitor’, which I love doing, some of the best questions I have heard about Humanism have come from groups of primary school children, who seem to easily come to terms with the ideas of an agnostic!

I am also the North West ‘Celebrant Network Support Coordinator’ for Humanists UK celebrants in the area, so as with all Humanist UK celebrants, I am able to draw on the experiences and assistance when necessary, of many of my colleagues, both locally and nationally.

I like, listening to all types of music, socializing with friends and watching rugby league, especially Salford at the AJ Bell stadium, although not so great on freezing cold wet Friday nights.

If you think I may be able to help you with a ceremony, please do take a look at the pages relevant to the ceremony you require, and don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone or email to make a booking or with your queries.