“I strongly believe that every funeral should be different,

reflecting the life of the person who has died, through words and music.  

Non religious funerals offer an opportunity to completely personalise this final farewell”


I live in the Urmston area of Manchester and I conduct non-religious funerals and memorials in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and wider areas of the North West.

Although I was brought up in a C of E household, according to my Mother I was probably a humanist from a very early age. Preferring to believe that being nice to each other was much more important than being scared by the threat of some sort of divine entity.  It wasn’t until the death of my husband in 2000, when he had specifically asked for a non-religious funeral, that I really gave any thought to becoming a humanist.

We had a Humanist UK celebrant conduct his funeral, and it was so personal and fitting for him, it helped me, my children and his many friends, to come to terms with his death at just 42 years old. After his funeral, so many people, (some embarrassed by their comments), told me it was the best funeral they had ever been to, so personal and caring, it made them feel happy at such a sad time. Both myself and my family, felt that the service had truly been a celebration of his relatively short life, which reflected his character so closely, and we still look back and feel we gave him the best goodbye possible.

It took me a number of years and attendance at a good number of very impersonal funerals, including my own Mother and Father’s, both had religious funerals, which were terrible and impersonal but what they wanted.  However, it did spur me on to know that I could produce a memorable and meaningful funeral for those who didn’t want religion, and I decided to train to become an accredited Humanists UK celebrant.  It was the best thing I have ever done.  Sometimes people ask ‘doesn’t your work make you sad?’, well the simple answer is yes sometimes it does, but it makes me happy also.  I feel privileged to be able to spend time with the family/friends of a person who has died, to help them ensure that the funeral of a loved one,  is just right, and I hope through this to bring some happy memories in years to come, out of what is usually a time of great sadness.

If you would like to book a humanist funeral or if you would just like further information on non-religious funerals, please do contact me on 07887724591 or email: