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“I don’t know whether they should say

    ‘ You have a baby’


          ‘The baby has you’ ”  ~  anonymous

As Nana to five grandchildren, I know how special the arrival of a new child to the family is, you want everybody to meet the baby/child, but don’t necessarily want a religious ceremony to formalize the new addition to the family.

Baby namings are a great alternative to religious namings, they formally welcome a new baby or child into the family without committing to a faith.  Humanist namings give you the freedom to completely devise your own ceremony, in the way you want it and of course offer a great reason to party with family and friends. Many of our namings are for toddlers, who haven’t had any sort of formal welcome to the family, and 1st and 2nd birthdays seem to be a popular time for such a celebration.

Parents and supporting adults (as many as you like), can make promises about the child’s upbringing, these can include vows by the parents about their own relationship, promises by the grandparents, readings, poems and music, and the presentation of a special gift to the child or some type of symbolic act. You may also wish to include brothers and sisters in the ceremony.

Naming ceremonies are fairly informal and as other children often attend, the ceremonies rarely last longer than 30 minutes, although there is no time limit for your own personal ceremony.

My charges for a naming ceremony are between £200 – £250, (available in instalments), dependent on the amount of travel involved expenses may be added.

This provides good value for a bespoke ceremony compared to the average local authority charges. (see below)

If you would like to book for a naming ceremony or  just want more information on naming ceremonies, please do contact me using the details on the right of this page.


Naming Ceremony at venue with Celebrant £305-£335


Manchester Rates


Ceremony in the Pankhurst Suite (at the Register Office)

Monday – Friday      £140.00  incl VAT
Saturday                 £190.00  incl VAT

(The Register Office is not normally open for ceremonies on Wednesdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays)
Ceremony at an outside venue

Monday – Saturday                    £240.00  incl VAT
Sundays and Bank Holidays      £270.00  incl VAT