Weddings and Partnerships

Congratulations, you must be very excited, so much to do and such an adventure to start on.  Whether it’s a traditional style of wedding, or something more unusual, a Humanist Wedding Ceremony, can certainly make your day, just that, your day!

A Humanist wedding ceremony is for those who don’t want a religious aspect to their ceremony.  At present Humanist marriages although legal in Scotland and Northern Ireland,  are not yet, legally binding within England, though we hope that will happen in the future.  Most couples will do the legalities at a registry office, before what they often consider to be their ‘proper wedding’ a few days later, in a place and a way that is personal to them.

Everybody getting married, wants the day to be very special and memorable, not only for the couple getting married, but for the close family and friends that are celebrating the day with you.

I can help you plan a wedding ceremony that totally reflects the people you are, a ceremony that is different to all others, so that in twenty-five years’ time, when you’re celebrating that silver anniversary, people will say, ‘oh yes I remember that day well, what a wonderful day that was, and such a personal ceremony’.

I’m easy going, down to earth and open to your ideas and can help expand on them if you would like.  Weddings don’t have to be costly razzmatazz special effects affairs to make them special, you can create a wedding that is different and special to you by adding humour and fun into it.

If like me you were married a while ago, and it wasn’t quite the wedding you really wanted, you may be looking to renew your vows now.  Sharing the magic of the personalities that have kept you together, by creating a personal, renewal of vows ceremony, is a fantastic way to celebrate your lasting love for each other.

Celebrate your big day, your way.  Don’t be afraid to look around to find your perfect celebrant…remember it’s your day!’