About Janice Thornton


At this time, of changing and challenging rules on what to do when a loved one dies, we all have difficult decisions to make.

There are government and local authority guidelines that we need to understand and follow. But, applying them with care and compassion may ease the pain of your loss, just a little. This is my role at the moment. Thinking of ways for you to have a meaningful and appropriate way of expressing your loss.

I am committed to helping you find a way to create a respectful farewell. You may choose to have a simple ceremony outside the funeral home as the hearse departs to the crematorium (further restrictions on gatherings may obviously restrict this option in the future);

I can write and conduct a small  private ceremony in your Funeral Di rectos Chapel, if they are willing to make it available. This can be recorded or streamed, if you wish.

I can still write a full eulogy for you to distribute to family and friends, and this can be placed online on the Humanist Funeral Tribute Archive if you wish;

I can help to plan a memorial ceremony to be held at a later date when all those you wish to be there can come together to celebrate your loved one’s life.

You may want to consider an online ceremony, or some shared experience that you and other mourners can take part in simultaneously, and I can help with arranging or scripting that.

I can also work with a colleague, Rachael Meyer, who is a professional videographer, to help collate memories, photos, video messages and music into a visual tribute to your loved one (a sample of this work is available to view here).

However you feel you want to make the difficult adaptation to these strange times, please talk to me and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes, within the constraints of current guidance.

Why I am A Celebrant

I love being a celebrant – it brings together many of my skills and I am constantly learning new ways to celebrate the important events in people’s lives. Writing and delivering a unique ceremony which reflects the way that people feel about each other, is a great privilege.

It gives me great pleasure to meet so many wonderful people, who tell me all about their lives. It’s great to help people through important life events and to see the delight on their faces when their non religious ceremony turns out just the way they wanted.

A career in the public sector spanning almost 30 years, provides a solid foundation for making sure that you get an excellent service. When I took early retirement I trained to become a Humanist Celebrant and believe that my previous experience has enhanced the work I now do.

In the past 12 years, I have trained many new humanist celebrants and I now mentor and observe celebrants, which keeps my work fresh and full of new ideas.

Humanist values are important to me and my large extended family, so is living in Yorkshire.

I believe that we can all make a difference in this world and writing non religious ceremonies for family’s in Yorkshire is one of the ways that I can make a positive contribution.

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Email: janice.thornton@humanistceremonies.org.uk

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