About Jeanne Rathbone

I have  been a Humanist celebrant for over 20 years. I have probably always been an atheist (despite having been brought up in Ireland) except for when, as a susceptible girl, I might have wanted to be a saint or a missionary. In time I came to see that religion was man made and patriarchal.

I became a humanist celebrant after having attended a few inappropriate religious funerals and joined the British Humanist Association. When they said they were looking for people to train as ceremony celebrants I trained and knew that I had found my ideal career – I knew what I wanted to be and reckoned that I must have ‘grown up’.  I have been a laboratory technician, childminder, youth worker, Women’s officer, trainer, adult education tutor, counsellor, tour guide and comedy performer.

Children are not born with a religion or ‘original sin’ and I think that a ‘christening’ is infant exorcism. Children should be allowed to make up their own minds about what they believe as adults.

I believe that the rite-of-passage ceremonies, especially funerals, are of significance in our lives no matter who we are or where we are from. It is very rewarding to help people to say what needs to be said at a funeral and to celebrate the life of their loved one appropriately can help them in their bereavement. It had been so fascinating to learn about so many people’s lives that I don’t need to read fiction anymore.

Our ceremonies are very personal and I think that humour is an important ingredient in them, as it is in life.

My fees are £200  for Funerals and Namings.