Getting to know me

A few frequently asked questions…

“We will be eternally grateful to you for all your effort and hard work to make our wedding everything we have ever dreamed of. We both really enjoyed the ceremony and it felt so personal. You are such a wonderful person and we feel so privileged to have worked with you.” Mr & Mrs Logan

How long have you been a Celebrant?

I trained as a Celebrant 5 and a half years ago, 6 months after writing my own wedding script.

What made you become a Celebrant?

Newly married and expecting a baby, I realised that it would be a perfect fit, combining my love of people and party planning, writing and romance.

What did you do before you trained as a Celebrant?

I had worked in catering and accountancy before studying Law and Politics at Keele and then pursuing research in Political Education at Oxford.

What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever done?

I love embracing a creative challenge and writing and performing ceremonies completely in theme. My favourites have been A Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding in the woods with flowers in my hair and a medieval wedding with a bird of prey swooping over my head to deliver the rings.

What do you love most about your job?

What’s not to love. I enjoy every bit, from getting to know my couples to seeing the Bride walking down the aisle. I feel incredibly blessed to become a part of my couple’s family for a time that’s overflowing with love and happiness.

What makes a great ceremony?

There would be laughter, vows read through tears, holding hands, and stirring songs. But a script that utterly captures the couple, that’s perfection.

What makes a great Celebrant?

I think everything flows from the bond between Bride, Groom, Celebrant, family and friends. It’s my job to create a sense of togetherness so that everyone feels at ease and in the moment, ready to soak up the reflections and aspirations of the occasion.

“Jenna, you conducted the ceremony beautifully and the hand fasting was so moving. Lots of people commented how unique the ceremony was…thank you, totally us. If I can write a review, I would be so happy to do that for you, so other brides and grooms know how great you are.” Mr & Mrs Measom-Henley