Julie Kay, Weddings, Namings and Funerals Celebrant

I’m based in York but also spend time in Sheffield. I work throughout Yorkshire,  The Humber, Derbyshire and further afield including travel abroad if required.
The beauty of Humanist Ceremonies is that they can be held anywhere; at any venue, in your own home or at a special, beautiful place outdoors. There are no set words or rules, which means I can help you create a ceremony which is very personal and meaningful for you and your family and friends.
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Or get in touch  – julie.kay@humanistceremonies.org.uk  /   07889 573217

COVID-19 UPDATE  Last updated 24 February 2021


Funerals up to 30 may attend, in any “premises, other than a private dwelling, which are operated by a business, a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic institution or a public body”, and the location is made Covid-secure.

Weddings can only take place where one of the parties is terminally ill and only with up to 6 people.

Namings & Other Ceremonies cannot go ahead at present.

Ceremonies on the Roadmap Out of Lockdown The following is an indication of intended steps and suggested dates, but the decision to move to the next step will be ‘driven by data, not dates’ and so is liable to change.

8 MARCH  No change

29 MARCH, if all is going well, STEP 1

Funerals rules will not change; these can proceed with 30 attendees and wakes with 6 attendees, though not in private homes.

Weddings will still be able to proceed with 6 attendees only but will no longer be limited to exceptional circumstances.

Namings & Other Ceremonies No change

12 APRIL, if all is going well, STEP 2

Funerals can continue to proceed with up to 30 attendees. Commemorative events including wakes will be able to take place with up to 15 attendees, in premises that are permitted to open.

Weddings & Receptions can take place with up to 15 attendees in premises that are permitted to open.

Namings & Other Ceremonies No change

17 MAY, if all is going well, STEP 3

Funerals, and commemorative events including wakes, Weddings & Receptions,  Namings & Other Ceremonies will all be permitted at this step with up to 30 attendees.

21 JUNE, if all is going well, STEP 4

ALL LIMITS WILL BE REMOVED on Funerals, Weddings, Namings & Other Ceremonies “subject to the outcome of the scientific Events Research Programme” which is a piece of research including pilots starting in April to test reopening large events.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me.


julie.kay@humanistceremonies.org.uk  /   07889 573217