Things to consider

VENUE The wonderful thing about Humanist Ceremonies is that they can be held anywhere. Many families choose to have a Ceremony at home or at a relaxed venue which welcome children and have facilities and refreshments for adults too.


Naming of Larry with Alfie at York Priory

CEREMONIES for MORE THAN ONE CHILD Maybe you have just found out about naming ceremonies and have several children. Why not have a ceremony which includes all your children. Each child can be honoured appropriately whatever their age.

ADOPTION Beautiful bespoke Naming and Welcoming and Adoption ceremonies can be created for children of any age.


Cherry, Ruby & Tom Griffiths – Andy Gaines Photography

NAMING & WEDDING CEREMONY COMBINED For couples with children I am very happy to combine a Naming within a Wedding Ceremony or vice versa. This works very well in Humanist Ceremonies.

HONOURING FAMILY CHANGES After changes in circumstances such as  a new step-parent or step brothers and sisters, parents separating or the death of a parent. . You may want to recognise this formally and express aspirations and new/re commitments.

COMING of AGE There are different stages in development for a young person which are important to mark and honour in some way.

“When there has been a change in the family or a new stage of development it can be therapeutic for children and close family members to recognise this formally and make new commitments to each other.”

This can be arranged as part of a Naming Ceremony or as a separate Special Occasion.


Alfie’s gift

INVOLVING CHILDREN and other FAMILY & FRIENDS Participating in something together brings people closer. Sometimes ‘Actions speak louder than words’ 

  • Readings
  • Live music
  • Songs
  • Well-wishing
  • Symbolic gifts for ‘Supporting Adults’, ‘Children’ or other significant people
  • Candles
  • Creating a Time Capsule
  • Signing a Naming book
  • A wishing tree
  • Handprint tree
  • Flying wish paper
  • Seed bombs
  • Bubbles
  • Flying kites or paper aeroplanes
  • Sailing paper boats