Wedding Photos

Jenna and Kris had a fabulous celebration at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester – an industrial chic wedding!

Here as just a few photos that I have been given that were taken at some of the weddings I have conducted. As you can see, they are very different giving a flavour of the personal delivery of the weddings I conduct.

A really relaxed and fun day. Becky and her bridesmaids had a great time!

A wedding in touch with nature.

Chloe and Dan’s big day. Relaxed and fun surrounded by their family and friends.

The exchange of rings follows their aspirations for their life together.

Chloe and her father join Dan as the ceremony commences.

Lighting candles is a popular symbolic act during wedding ceremonies

A ceremony in a formal setting

A delightful countryside wedding

A ceremony incorporating the different cultures of the bride and groom

Bryony and Roddy’s wedding had a Scottish theme, at Otterburn Hall.

and the rabbit came too!

A lovely wedding on the beach at Newton in Northumberland.

Kim and me relaxing afterwards.

During Kim and Mark’s ceremony

Wedding of Kim and Mark at Cranthorne Hall in November 2014

A delightful wedding at Newcastle Football ground

A night time wedding where the aisle was illuminated by lanterns.