…Or perhaps you’re thinking about having a Naming ceremony?

After missing out on having a humanist wedding, I leapt at the chance to have a humanist naming ceremony for my son.

We knew we definitely didn’t want a Christening, but, equally, we were keen to do something special with our friends and family that would formally mark our son’s arrival, and give us the chance to reflect on our role as new parents, and our hopes and wishes for our son as he grows up.

This time I knew that Humanist ceremonies were an option available to us. We ended up having a pig-themed (!) naming ceremony for our son in our back garden (his nickname is ‘little pig’), which we combined with his first birthday party.

What to expect from a naming ceremony

Humanist naming ceremonies offer non-religious or mixed-faith parents a fun and meaningful way of welcoming a new child into the world, or into a new family. Informal, formal, relaxed or chaotic – a humanist naming ceremony is whatever parents want it to be. They are usually happy occasions full of laughter and attended by all sorts of family and friends – and more often than not, lots of children! They can take place anywhere that you choose, and the ceremony can be organised in a way that is right for you – that’s what I’m here for: to create a ceremony that works for you and your family.

As with Humanist weddings, every naming ceremony is completely different (and they aren’t just for babies; a humanist naming can also be to welcome step-children or adopted children into a family). But there are some common elements. Usually, there will be a welcome of some sort, with some information about the child and some thoughts on parenthood, plus readings, music or symbolic actions, promises made by ‘guide parents’ and parents, and of course the naming itself.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, or you want to discuss further, please get in touch!

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