Next Steps


If you think a humanist wedding is for you, the first step is to get in touch with me by phone or email to arrange a time to meet up (or chat by skype). During that meeting, we will briefly talk about what you have in mind.  If you are happy with my approach and it feels like sort of thing you are after, I will ask you to complete a booking form and to pay a deposit.

After that, we’ll set up a time for a more detailed discussion – about the two of you, what you are hoping for in a wedding ceremony, and about what we can do together to make this happen. This is always an exciting time because there are so many different ways to approach your wedding, and so many different things you can do.

Based on our conversation, I will then sketch out a first draft of your ceremony which we will then develop together. The key thing is that it will be your day. We can be as traditional, creative, or innovative as you want. My weddings are bespoke, created especially with you to honour your unique relationship and circumstances. I am happy to work with all kinds of couples on all kinds of ceremonies, including weddings, civil partnerships and renewals of vows. Nearer to the time of the wedding, we will have a more specific discussion about staging, and meet up for a rehearsal.

After the initial meeting, there will be a deposit of £100 to pay. I charge a standard fee of £500, although if an exceptional amount of travelling is involved, or more than one meeting or one rehearsal is needed, I may charge additional time and travel expenses. These will be agreed in advance.

It is important to note that in England humanist weddings are not legally binding. Therefore, some couples arrange a civil marriage at some point before or after the humanist ceremony.