Interview with a Fellow Naming Celebrant

I was interviewed last week by fellow celebrant Martha Lawton who has just finished her training. We discussed what we loved about being a celebrant and also what was hard about it.


Have a read below to get a better idea about ceremonies.

Prince Louis’ Christening

Prince Louis was Christened yesterday at a private ceremony in the Chapel Royal, St James’ Palace.

If you don’t have a private chapel to have a ceremony in and you aren’t on first name basis with an archbishop you can still have a small, private ceremony for your child. Humanist Naming Ceremonies are hugely personal and unique to each family and child.

Be a prince or princess for a day and have your own personalised ceremony as every child is worth celebrating

Favours: Not Just for Weddings

At a ceremony I conducted a few weeks ago they had these really cute little favours.

Not only are these incredibly cute, and I can confirm they were delicious, but were a lovely favour for guests to take home at the end of the ceremony.


Favours are not just for weddings, they are a perfect things to give out at naming ceremony’s as well especially when there are lots of other children attending.