Namings are a perfect way to welcome a new member to a family, whether it be a new baby, an adopted child or a stepchild.

Increasingly people are looking for a non-religious way to celebrate a new family member and Humanist Naming Ceremonies not only provide a personalised and unique ceremony but all celebrants are highly trained and provide an authority and gravitas the occation deserves.

I work closely with the family discussing their plans and including input from ‘guide-parents’ or other friends and family who wish to contribute. The more personal touches that can be added make the ceremony more touching and unique.

I can assist in selecting any readings, music or symbolic actions for the ceremony, I have compiled a selection myself and have many books and resources available to find something more fitting.




A naming ceremony can take any structure but usually include:

  • Readings or poems
  • Guideparent and parent promises
  • Singing
  • Information on the baby, the parents and their experiences
  • Symbolic act


I will lead the ceremony and act a bit like a master of ceremonies and ensure everyone involved in the ceremony (e.g. those doing a reading) are present and ready.


How it works:

I will meet you in advice and discuss your plans, chat about the child, about your family and generally so I get a good feeling for what you want from the ceremony and the tone which it should take.

Then you will get a first draft based on this meeting which you can make changes to before we agree a final ceremony draft.

During the ceremony certificates for the child or guideparents can be given out.

After the ceremony I will give you a presentation copy of the ceremony for you to keep and remember the ceremony and for the child to read through once older.



Symbolic act examples:

  • Fingerprint pictures
  • Clay feet casts
  • Wish tree
  • Sand blending
  • Candle lighting