My father left a few notes for his funeral, scribbled on a punchcard. In lockdown some of these were a big ask, and we did not manage them all, but the one part that was pitch perfect was your arrangement of and input in to the service.

You helped my aunt and uncle and myself organise our thoughts and our words, and you gently helped us piece together something that was fitting and, given the restrictions in lockdown in particular, complete.

My father was a complex man, and I was delighted that we managed between us to capture his timeline, his interests and his character so completely – we could not have done this without you.

When we were preparing we were all grieving, and you allowed us our tears as well, and to be honest I needed that very much, in particular because of the necessary isolation which we were all having to work in, so thank you, again, for that.

I am sure “expert in lockdown humanist funerals” is a pretty niche accolade, so don’t put it on your business cards or anything, but it’s a good example of how well you do your job.

Thank you

Richard, Dec 2020


Having never been to a naming ceremony before, we didn’t know what to expect but Lottie did a fantastic job. From the moment we met her she made us feel at ease, and was so helpful with suggesting ideas for us to include in the ceremony.  She created a script that was exactly what we were hoping for and was written in such a personal style which worked perfectly on the day. We couldn’t recommend her highly enough, a lovely lady and a brilliant celebrant. Thank you Lottie xx

Debbie, July 2018


Thank you so much for Sunday, it was a fantastic ceremony and everyone commented on what a good idea it was. Plus the finger print tree went down great so thank you for that recommendation.

Lauren, October 2017


The script you put together was really excellent – everybody thought [my partner] and I had written it ourselves because it was so personal and unique. It was exactly what we wanted and you presented it so well.

Cat, September 2017


Lottie is intelligent, articulate and reflective. She has a lot to offer families.

She brings a fresh approach to the work and I think families will benefit from her creativity and ability to see things differently.

Ginny, May 2017