Humanist Wedding Ceremonies are deeply personal and each one unique to you, the couple, getting married.

Increasingly people are looking for a non-religious way to celebrate their marriage and Humanist Wedding Ceremonies not only provide a personalised and unique ceremony but, as celebrants are highly trained, we provide an authority and gravitas the occasion deserves.

Your vows should be your personal promises to each other and how you both wish to continue living as a married couple. And a Humanist Wedding can include any cultural or social traditions that are meaningful to you both. I can also support you to include your ideas and your families into the ceremony in whatever way you want.

Weddings should be the telling of your personal story and truly represent who is getting married.

I work closely with you the couple discussing your plans and including input from bridesmaids, groomsmen or other friends and family who wish to contribute. The more personal touches that can be added make the ceremony more meaningful.

I can assist in selecting any readings, music or symbolic actions for the ceremony, I have compiled a selection myself and have many books and resources available to find something more fitting. I’m always up for a challenge to find new readings or adaption symbolic actions to suit a family.


A Wedding ceremony can take any structure but usually include:

  • Promises or vows
  • Readings or poems
  • Singing
  • Your story as a couple, how you met and your experiences
  • Symbolic act


I will lead the ceremony and act a bit like a master of ceremonies and ensure everyone involved in the ceremony (e.g. those doing a reading, bridesmaids) are present and ready.


Each ceremony is written after I, as celebrant, has met with you both and gotten to know you and the type of ceremony that would be most appropriate. I will then write a script based on our conversations and in conjunction with you both. You will then get a first draft which you can make changes to until we have a perfect ceremony for you both.



How it works:

I will meet you in advice and discuss your plans, chat about your both, about your family and generally so I get a good feeling for what you want from the ceremony and the tone which it should take.

Then you will get a first draft based on this meeting which you can make changes to before we agree a final ceremony script.

After the ceremony you will get a presentation copy of the ceremony for you to keep and remember the ceremony and for family who perhaps couldn’t make it to the ceremony to be able to enjoy later.





Symbolic act examples:

  • Exchanging rings
  • Hand fasting
  • Jumping the broom
  • Sand blending
  • Unity Candle lighting
  • Ring warming
  • Sharing a first drink