About Lyn Heigl

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Photograph of Lyn Heigl

It is always an honour when someone asks for help with a funeral ceremony. A celebrant can’t take away the sadness of losing a relative or friend, but can lift some of the stress by creating a fitting tribute to the person who has died.

You don’t need to be a Humanist to have a Humanist funeral – it’s simply a non-religious ceremony that celebrates the person’s life and their importance to those who mourn their loss.

It was attending the funerals of friends’ parents some years ago that attracted me to Humanism. I was impressed by the way the ceremony respected the individual and gave a clear picture of the life they had lived – their hopes, interests, loves and experiences (great and small) and the personality that made them so valued by family, friends and community.

A ceremony can be grand or simple, but every one is different because every human being is different, so the ceremony is designed to capture the uniqueness of that person.

I would visit you to talk about what you would like to include – such as favourite music, poetry or family sayings – the personal things that reflect the whole individual. Family members or friends may wish to speak, or you may want me to take care of it all. My role is to advise and help create a unique and memorable ceremony that allows people to say goodbye to their loved ones, but the important point is that it’s always your choice of what is included.

Born in Sussex, I am married, and have had a long career in business writing, working internationally. Today, in addition to working as a celebrant, I walk our dogs on Petersfield heath, sing in folk clubs and choirs, and keep rare-breed poultry. I am active in local voluntary and wildlife organisations, and gain great satisfaction and enjoyment from working with people from all areas of the community.

I offer funeral and memorial ceremonies, mainly in Hampshire and Surrey. Our local group of celebrants ensures that there is always a Humanist celebrant available to provide a friendly and professional service for you.


“The footprints we leave behind are measured by the love we’ve given, the lives of family and friends we’ve touched and been part of, and by the many rich and treasured memories they keep long after we’ve gone.” Jim Al-Khalili