About Malcolm Niekirk

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Malcolm Niekirk

I am a humanist celebrant, accredited by the BHA.  Home for me is Lyndhurst, in the centre of the New Forest.  If you have recently become a parent (or soon expect to be one), it’s probably easier for me to travel to you to talk to you about a naming ceremony for your child.

I currently perform naming ceremonies only, but I expect also to take on weddings later in the year.

A humanist ceremony can be tailored to fit your wishes very closely.  There is no content or structure imposed on you, so I can help you choose readings, music, and moments of ritual symbolism that are meaningful to you and your family.

I practised as a solicitor for the best part of three decades, and now operate a consultancy practice (lecturing, training and also advising on an arcane and technical area of English law).  I also occasionally work as a music photographer.  Despite my legal training, I take a keen interest in plain English, although I also enjoy the formal ritual also associated with some types of legal formalities.