Funeral Ceremonies

Funerals and Memorial Ceremonies

When a family member, or close friend, dies it is natural to experience any or all of a great range of emotions – sadness, shock, disbelief, anger or sorrow for example.

My role is to attempt to guide the bereaved through their sadness and despair to create a personal and unique ceremony which celebrates the life of the person who has died. The ceremony can include music, readings and poetry as well as carefully written words which will sum up the life and achievements of the deceased.

There can be tributes, readings or poetry from family members or friends. Usually there is a period of quiet reflection, (often with music,) during which the person who has died will be the centre of our thoughts. This time offers those present who have religious beliefs the opportunity to offer a silent prayer.

Just as each person is different so each ceremony will be unique.

A humanist ceremony can take place in a crematorium, in a cemetery chapel, in a woodland burial ground or in any location. For example a village hall or a pub, in these latter cases the coffin would then be taken to the relevant crematorium or burial site after the ceremony.

Some families prefer to hold a memorial service after the cremation or burial and we would work on the script for this in a similar way.

Usually a Funeral Director is involved too, and I have worked with most local companies.

The cost

My current fee is £200

If you should want to book me or discuss things further please e-mail

or telephone  01726 812004

or 07837 652643

Thank you.